Exemplary Smile- keep us smiling!


So today I come with a rave-yay! There’s actually a business that’s doing it right in Tanzania-well done them.

There’s quite the competition in the telecommunication industry especially when it comes to Internet providers but the common factor is slow speeds-all across the board! With one exception of cuz which is Smile Communications-thank God for you Smile!

I have been to 2 Smile shops and the staff are always friendly, attentive and patient-they never act like they’d rather be doing something else which I always appreciate. Just for those who’d like to visit these 2 shops with awesome services that’d be at Shamo Tower in Mbezi Beach  and JM Mall in town.

You ain’t perfect though Smile, as much as I give you plenty of thumbs up there’s things you could certainly improve on:

  1. Email replies- I have had pretty valid reasons to email you plenty of times but as far as I can remember you’ve only ever replied once, which tells me you took my problems lightly and pretty much went off and took care of other clients’ issues, ignoring mine. Please please be kind enough to get back to us, we email you for a reason, no matter how silly our enquiries may seem to you.
  2. Customer care line- for the love of God please change it to a free number or at the very least something cheaper cuz the land line provided eats away my credit like it’s being paid to do so! I know you only do internet not phone services  so you don’t have your own line but surely you can sort something out, you are too big of a brand not to be able to. Speaking of customer care, again maybe it’s just me but your agents can certainly do better when serving us on the phone- a friendlier attitude would make a world of a difference.

But these are small matters compared to how awesome I think Smile is. It’s a bit pricey but that’s kind of inevitable considering it’s 4G and all.

And how do I rate Smile? Good, you ain’t perfect but keep it up and you’ll get there. AminiaTZ’s cheering you on but also got it’s eye on you!

So, have you had any run in with Smile? Was your experience anything like mine or am I just lucky? Which shop (if any) would you recommend in Tanzania? Do tell in the comment section below.


Happy birthday? Not so happy


I figured I’d get the ball rolling but unfortunately as much as I’d like to start on a positive note…I’ve got nothing positive to say-zero!

So anyways this particular nasty incident happened to me on my birthday-of all days! One of my foreign students recommended The Touch Spa when I happened to mention that I wanted to treat myself to a little spa day. Well to be fair, my student, let’s call her J, hadn’t gone to that particular spa herself but had only heard her friends talking about it-positively, so she figured it would be ok to recommend it to me.

Anyways they happen to have a number of branches but I went to my closest one, at the Shoppers Plaza.

Alright we’ll do this in point form:

  1. I was on a budget so decided I’d only do a manicure and facial but the receptionist or whoever she was kept asking me like 3 times-are you sure you don’t want a pedicure? Lady I know most people come in for the full hands and feet experience but am on a budget here now please stop embarrassing me!
  2. I was shown into the manicure place and when the manicurist walked in I very cheerfully went, “hello!” and what did I get in reply?……………………………………….zzzzzz….! (In fact I ran into another employee later on and yet again my cheerful greeting was met with the same fate as its predecessor! I mean would it kill you to even just smile and nod?)
  3. I got cut, several times, I literally left there bleeding-but lucky for them I didn’t feel a thing until I got home and went to wash my hands-the sting! Ok I did notice one cut but I figured stuff happens so I didn’t say anything, though a sorry would have been appreciated because I know the guy knew he’d cut me but he acted like it totally wasn’t him!
  4. When I went to get money out my wallet I didnt realize the polish hadnt dried yet and ended up spoiling a couple of nails. I thought they’d be kind enough to just re-do real quick…I should’t have bothered. First the guy came out visibly unhappy to have to redo it and his idea of fixing it? Just apply an extra coat on top, how clever! I actually had to go to another salon downstairs and ended up coughing more money to have the polish removed and re applied-money wasted!
  5. I paid the full price only to get home and find out there was a 20% Ramadhan offer that nobody told me anything about. So I call them to complain and they claim they can’t hear me. Ok I decide to email-no answer, I even checked my spam just incase!
  6. Yeahs happy birthday!

What can I say?! I’ve had average birthdays in my lifetime, but a bad one? Not even the 8 birthdays I spent in boarding school compare to this, thank you very much Touch Spa! Would I go back there? Let’s just say if I had to choose between West Africa and that place, I’d gladly purchase me a suit and mask and head west!

And of course I’d rate my overall experience as bad- honestly the facial was pretty good as was the lady that ‘served’ me it’s just that when you combine everything, the facial feels like a very insignificant consolation.

You gotta do better Touch Spa- aminiaTZ’s got its eye on you! Nothing will make me happier than putting up an update post talking about how you’ve completely turned over a new leaf and are providing excellent services to your clients- am cheering you on!

So, have you been to this spa or any of its branches? Was your experience anything like mine or was I just a special case? Which spa (if any) would you recommend in Tanzania? Do tell in the comment section below.

…and we are live…


Welcome to this little webspace appropriately named AminiaTZ! In a nutshell this is the place for customers/clients in Tanzania to rant or rave about a certain establishment that they may have had the privilege or misfortune to come across. The idea behind it is that “the customer is king”-and it’s about time Tanzanian customers started receiving their royal status’ worth. Do head on to our about page for further info.

And we are live…bring on your experiences, the good, the bad and the downright nasty!